What is Ucentrik’s CTX?

  • Ucentrik’s CTX is an application development platform (written in C++) that enables the rapid development and management of custom video communication and collaboration solutions.
  • CTX includes multi-point video, VoIP, chat, collaboration (desktop share & control) and recording and is a software-only solution with reliable firewall traversal, an extensible framework with an open API and Business Objects that any developer can effectively utilize to create highly practical communication and collaboration solutions and integrate into existing workflows. The video codecs supported are VP8 (Google), Theora, and x.264.

What is Ucentrik’s CTX SDK?

  • Our CTX SDK enables you to integrate high-quality, multi-point video, audio, chat, collaboration (e.g. remote-desktop sharing &  control) in your applications. The rich media traffic is encapsulated within an HTTP protocol to enable it to traverse firewalls that enable normal web traffic. This SDK is completely free and you can download the SDK and request an API key so that you can evaluate without investing any time setting up the infrastructure. The SDK includes demo apps in C# so you can evaluate the CTX without doing any development at all (you can see the setup demo here:http://youtu.be/5dPEViXLPdg).
  • The technology supports both one-to-one and one-to-many connections and the features are highly modular so you can integrate just the video, audio or desktop share or a combination of the technologies using the same SDK.

What communication protocols does CTX use?

  • CTX SDK uses our own proprietary protocol communication protocols over TCP/IP.

How can CTX be used?

  • Pretty much anywhere and everywhere you want people or devices to be able to interact with one another.
  • It’s been used in the OEM, Software Development, Healthcare, Telco, Financial, Hospitality, Gaming, Education, Retail, Data Management and Entertainment verticals for consultative sales and marketing, customer service, technical support, training, onboarding, collaborative consulting and conferencing. It’s been integrated into websites, technical support software, call center software, enterprise applications and deployed on desktops, tablets, kiosks and digital signage.

Why is the SDK free?

  • We believe in open innovation – we think you’ll build applications we’ve never even thought of, and that with more people building on the CTX, more feedback and ideas, the better the CTX will be. And since we want you building with CTX, the SDK is completely free, which means that you can download the SDK and build applications without paying us a dime (all we ask is that you contribute your ideas and suggestions).
  • And just be 100% upfront here’s what isn’t free: support, custom development of additional CTX modules, the server component and the source code.

I just filled out the GET SDK form; how long will I have to wait for my API key?

  • Once you register here, you can download the SDK and CTX Server installation.  A hardware key will be provided to you during the setup process.  You will then enter the hardware key within your account profile to provide you the server key to run your server.

Can I have access to the source-code?

  • We have released a collaborative video application through source code (available here:http://vcca.codeplex.com/) but the CTX source code remains Ucentrik’s intellectual property. However, Ucentrik offers source code escrow subscriptions as a form of “insurance” for anyone developing CTX-based solutions to ensure that those applications/solutions will be protected and supported and when access to the source code is a legal/contractual obligation.
  • Basically, we lodge the CTX source code safely with a third party escrow agent, without having to disclose it to customers. Customers can then subscribe to the Source Code Escrow Service for an annual fee; this fee will vary depending upon the specific server licensing structure.
  • This source code escrow subscription entitles customers to gain access to the CTX source code in the following circumstances:
    • If Ucentrik goes out of business and the customer is therefore unable to maintain their application software;
    • If Ucentrik officially stops supporting the software product and the customer is therefore unable to maintain their application software;
    • If Ucentrik sells CTX to another software publishing company and they fail to offer an equivalent source code escrow service to the existing Source Code Escrow Service customers.
  • Escrow agreements enable us to protect our intellectual property, while ensuring that customers can develop CTX-based solutions without concern for the stability of its availability or support

What hardware will I need?

  • The video can be carried over any PC peripheral, which translates to affordable USB webcams or HD cameras (with high-end capture cards). We also recommend USB headsets with echo/noise cancellation.

Is there a server version?

  • Yes, we’ve just released this! Contact Us for more info on server licensing.

What are the server requirements?

  • Server Hardware Requirements:
    • Dual Core CPU (Intel) – anything produced within the last 4 years will be okay
    • 2GB Memory (Min)
    • 100MB Space to install the server
  • Server OS/Software requirements
    • Windows 2003, 2008, 2008R2 x86 or x64 will work for the operating system.
    • CTX Server Binary (and license)

The amount of traffic a server can handle is dependent upon the quality and size of the video, desktop share and audio streams being published and subscribed to from a single server; however we’ve handled ~720p concurrent streams on a single server within a LAN environment

  • Network Requirements & Required Ports
    • This is fully configurable within the configuration file – the demo app is using Port 85. Standard ports by default are TCP-80, HTTP-80, HTTPS-443, PROXY-8080.

Is CTX compatible with Windows?

  • Yes, CTX-based applications can be deployed on top of a standard Windows OS.

How much bandwidth does CTX require?

  • That depends on a few different things – the size of video, the quality and fps of the video, the number of video and audio streams and the type of “content” shared (static vs. streaming). However, all those things are customizable so you can optimize both the user experience and bandwidth usage. That said, our goal was to create a practical, useable solution so we designed CTX to perform well on as little as ~356kb. To a point, the more bandwidth the better the experience, but CTX will never require bandwidth anything like a telepresence type solution.

Can the video and screen publishing from the conference be recorded?

  • We’re currently scoping this out; we had originally opted to record only the audio component of the conferences to minimize file size and therefore storage space requirements (as I’m sure you can imagine video and screen publishing files can be quite large). We’re in the process of determining the most efficient way to record and manage the files.

Do you have plans for IOS/Android platforms?

  • We’re currently scoping this out and hope to have IOS and Android compatibility soon…

I need an application, but can’t do the development myself; can Ucentrik help me?

A.You bet! For starters, we’ve released a collaborative video application through open source; take a look at it as it may meet your needs as-is. And or course, you can Contact Us with more details about what you require and we’ll be back in touch pronto to discuss your needs…